Meteor app deploy to Amazon / Azure / On-premise

Meteor is pretty popular modern framework, so let’s see how can be meteor app deployed to Amazon / Azure / On-premise (actually we need only one or more linux boxes).

Let’s start & create simple meteor app called clock.

To do this we’ll need to download & install meteor:


And now we can create sample app:


We can test it by entering directory with app and executing


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 17.55.35

Great, our app works locally, and now it’s time to deploy it to production!

I’ll use Amazon for this demo where I’ve created two load balanced instances running Ubuntu 14.04.

We’ll deploy meteor app using MUP and to run it we need to install node & npm from here

Now we’re able to install MUP using NMP:


Now we need to execute mup init in project folder. After this, two files will be added to project folder:

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-09-52


My settings.json looks like this:

Let’s try to setup server, to do it we’ll execute mup setup:

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-31-48

And now we can deploy executing mup deploy. Errors!

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-35-03

Let’s see details executing mup logs -f :

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-36-53

It seems to be easy to fix:

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-37-56

And now we need to run mup setup again to install newer version of node and than rum mup deploy to get result:

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-44-16

So our app is now running in load balanced cluster:

Screenshot at Dec 22 18-46-18


And last point – probably you’ll wish don’t store database on instances, in this case just use MONGO_URL string in env block.

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